Who is an Event Committee Member?

  • Event Committee Volunteers are individuals who volunteer to meet monthly (or weekly within a month the event) to serve on one of the Event Committees in a leadership or support position focusing on one or more events sponsored by HCW.
  • Event Committee Volunteers are representatives of HCW in the community to their family, their co-workers, their neighbors and their churches. As representatives they present themselves to each other and to those in their circles of influence in a way that is honoring to Christ and consistent with the values of HCW.
  • Why are Event Committee Volunteers so important? With HCW’s small staff and the growing need for client services, the time needed to plan and implement successful events with purpose is always a challenge. We need you to help us multiply our efforts.
  • Volunteers are welcome regardless of age or experience! We just need committed willing hearts with helpful, hardworking hands and feet.

Possible Roles depending on which committee is served on...

  • Committee Chair
  • Secretary and Registration            
  • Decorations
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Church Liaison
  • Auction Planning and Execution
  • Food Coordinator
  • Venue and Layout
  • In-kind Donations
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • For information about volunteering, please contact Carolyn at carolyn@hopefallbrook.com or 760.728.4105.






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