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What do you do when you are new to the community, your spouse is injured and unable to return to work for months and you face a surprise, high risk pregnancy that lands you in bed? You know there is a Women’s Clinic in town with helpful resources but you cannot access the services because of your situation. 

When one of our client advocates faced this situation with a new Hope Clinic for Women client; she put things into action getting resources for food, cash aid, and public health nurse referrals. In addition she signed her client up for a sister program of HCW's educational classes called BrightCourse. This new programming streams courses online where she and her client can "meet" together over the phone; all while her client is on bed rest. It gets better. Her client can also earn "Mommy Bucks" for much needed resources for the baby like a new baby bed and mattress. 

Life will still be a struggle for our client and her family but she is thankful for the compassionate care; hope and help she received from HCW and for the donors who make our services possible.

Ree's Story

Ree Sokol shares about her time at HCW...

I have been tremendously blessed to volunteer at the Hope Clinic for Women in Fallbrook. There are numerous reasons that I loved being a part of this ministry.  Thirty years ago, our daughter was told to abort her baby because it appeared that the fetus had an extremely large head.   Because our children were pro-life, they went to a specialist and found out the baby had spina bifda.  We put her on every prayer group.  Even Campus Crusade for Christ was praying for this unborn child.  God was so full of grace and our granddaughter was born with very few effects of spina bifida. Today she is an accomplished, beautiful college graduate with a good job, and so much joy to offer the world.  She has been an encouragement to many and is on the Board of Southern California Spina Bifida Association.  When I see her, I am  reminded how precious every single life is and that God has given us all a purpose.  I will continually strive to help others understand what a marvelous creation each individual is and to cherish and protect life. Hope Clinic offers people this amazing hope.  

Megan's Story - December 2018

Our clients’ lives are complicated.  Rare is the the client who comes to us excited to learn more about her planned pregnancy.  One of the initial questions on our intake for pregnancy tests is: “If you are not using Birth Control, did you want to get pregnant?”  Ninety nine percent of the time, the answer is: “No”.

Megan’s case was no different.  She came to us six-weeks pregnant, unsure of who her baby’s father was.  Megan and her boyfriend Andrew had broken up after six months. Though they got back together, both Megan and Andrew had seen other people during their split.  Neither of them knew of the other’s relationships while they were apart. This brought a great deal of fear and anxiety to Megan. She worried that the baby she was carrying was not Andrew’s.  Megan was extremely abortion vulnerable from the fear she experienced. She shared with her Client Advocate that she had taken the Plan B abortion pill in the recent past. FPRC was able to schedule an ultrasound for Megan.  When scanned, the measurements of the baby Megan was carrying confirmed that she wasn’t as far along in her pregnancy as she had originally thought. This would mean that the baby within her was actually Andrew’s.

However, Megan’s fears continued to haunt her.  She still had not shared with Andrew that she had been with someone else during their brief split.  She was alarmed over nightmares of going through labor and delivering a baby that looked nothing like Andrew and was tormented by this.  During her weekly visits, Megan’s Client Advocate continued to share God’s love and offered Scriptures she could meditate on. Patiently, Megan’s Client Advocate would gently remind her of God’s forgiveness.  Gradually, Megan began attending Church and felt the comfort of the Holy Spirit, as well as the peace of forgiveness.

Megan had decided that she needed to tell Andrew that she had been with someone else during their split.  She was fearful but felt that if she and Andrew were to have a future together, she needed to be honest with him.  The day after she shared the truth with Andrew, Megan couldn’t wait to come to the Center to talk to her Client Advocate.  Megan shared that Andrew was so gentle and patient with her. He assured her that no matter what, he loved her and the baby she carried. They were both honest with each other, even though what they had to say to each other was both hard to say and hard to receive. Through mutual humility, they realized their love was strong.  Megan experienced Andrew’s forgiveness and felt blessed that God had provided her with such an amazing man.

Everyone at the Center was thrilled when Megan came in for her appointment with a wedding ring on - she and Andrew had eloped!  A few very short weeks later, a new baby boy, Marcus, was born. Megan continued to come to classes to learn about her baby and her new role as Mom.  Megan worked hard and was able to earn enough “Mommy Bucks” to purchase a crib, stroller, pack n play, diapers, and clothes for her new baby. She is grateful for the Center and her Client Advocate. Megan shared that she and Andrew pray at night together, thanking God for the blessing of their little family.

After Marcus was only four months old, Megan came to the Center, though not for a lesson. She came in for a pregnancy test. Sure enough, Megan learned that she is pregnant again! Her new baby will be born within a year of her son.  She and Andrew are surprised and very excited. Because of the education they receive at the Center, they feel confident in their ability to navigate this new pregnancy as they nurture their son.  Andrew and Megan’s lives have changed so much in the last year. They have grown together, weathered a storm, and experienced God’s amazing love.

Chenille's Story - August 2015

I first came to Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center (FPRC) in December of 2012.  I came to California to visit my mom, clear my head and figure out what I was going to do.   I was scared and I really didn’t know what to do next.  I was five weeks pregnant and only two weeks clean from drugs.  I had thoughts of having an abortion because I wasn’t sure that I could raise a baby on my own.  I was in a bad relationship and I didn’t think I had the means to care for a child.  I came to FPRC looking for guidance.  I sat down and was able to hear about all of my options.  I didn’t sense any judgement or bias at all from the staff.  I never felt pushed or pressured to make a decision and that really meant a lot to me.  I was given a lot of information about what I could do.  I was given so much information that I left with a thick folder full of resources, referrals and brochures.  In fact, I kept the folder and still have it at home!

I shared my story with a woman who listened and she shared her story with me.  At the end of the visit, I felt I had everything I needed to make a decision.  I left the center feeling more prepared about the decision I had to make.  I moved back home to Washington and got to work preparing to have a baby.

When I was 37 weeks pregnant, I decided to leave Washington and come back to California.  I decided to leave Washington because of the bad relationship I was in and I needed to get away from negative influences.  I came back to FPRC because I felt supported and knew that they had resources to help me.  I was basically homeless and so they helped me find shelters, housing programs and advocated for me by getting on the phone and calling these places and helping me get in touch with the help I needed.  It took a lot of stress off of my shoulders and I could think clearly.

I ended up getting in to see a doctor and finding shelter at the Women’s Resource Center two days prior to my due date.  I continued coming to FPRC for prenatal and parenting classes.  I earned mommy money and got diapers, clothes and a newborn necessities kit – which is awesome when you have nothing.  I learned so much through these classes and was able to earn tangible items to help me care for my baby.  There was a lot of emotional support there that I needed as well.  I remember that I even came to have them help me clip my newborn baby’s fingernails because I was so scared to do it myself!

My daughter, Avinna, turns two years old in two weeks.  I am grateful to the FPRC for helping me to provide my daughter with discipline with love and set boundaries with her.  Most of the parenting knowledge I have and techniques I use with her are from the parenting classes I took.  Eventually, I moved back to Washington where I have a stable life now and I am living and raising my daughter on my own, going to school and holding down two jobs.  I am getting my degree in accounting.  We attend church every Sunday.  After having Avinna, I knew that it was a wake-up call and that God was working miracles in my life – the biggest one being the birth of my daughter.  When I was so broken, I wouldn’t have realized the blessing she would be to me and how grateful I would be to be her mother without the love and support from the FPRC. 

Jordan's Story - December 2014

Twenty years old, living on my own, trying to prove to my parents and everyone else that I was independent and I was going somewhere big…soon…or maybe not. Two pink lines show up on a stick... It’s not just a country song anymore, it’s there, in real life, sitting on my bathroom counter. Here I am, pregnant, without being married, or even having the father anywhere in sight... I wanted to think of every choice I could before I admitted I couldn’t raise him. There was nothing that I could do that wouldn't hinder his or my life... I mean I was only 20 years old. I still had my whole life to live, how could I bring someone into this world, into a life, I was struggling in, let alone two of us. Well, that left me with the choice I came to... Adoption.


So there I was in a little coffee shop in Fallbrook with my mom and my grandparents, calling and calling all these different pregnancy resource centers that were leading nowhere. Then, finally, my grandma found the Pregnancy Resource Center in Fallbrook. That's where I found out about Sarah and about Open Adoption. Something that has absolutely changed my life in the most spectacular way. The lady showed me Sarah's video of tons of mom's and families actually living in San Diego, and talking, hanging out, and going places together... even when the baby was older... That’s when I knew exactly what I wanted. I called Sarah immediately after leaving and met with her the next day. After our first meeting I automatically felt about 1000 pounds of stress lifted off of me.


So the process started, she over-nighted me a stack of letters, all of parents that were looking to adopt a baby, and their own special story. So I read, and read, and read about each family, their troubles with infertility, how they met, what their lifestyle was like and, true to form, a letter just popped out… I wasn’t sure yet that they were the ones I wanted till I met them. This family was the family I wanted to take care of this little man growing inside of me that I already loved so much. There were no more questions in my mind. I grew closer and closer with this family that became my family.


Most people that are outside lookers always think that it’s this awful experience at the hospital but it was the most loving time I could imagine. I had my friends and family supporting me the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hard some days, seeing everyone around you start having kids and watching them grow, but, also you know you have given a great life to your child, who you still get to have in your life and a total new family that loves you as much as your own.


From Christy, adopting mom:  "When a woman places a child into another woman's arms and says, "Please be my child's mother." there is such a whirlwind of emotions.   I felt love, gratitude, humility and amazement for our son's birth mom and her courageous choice.  But actually, the more we get to know her, the more time we spend together, I continue to be more amazed and grateful for her strength, her wisdom and her love for our whole family.  The true amazement comes with how easy it is to all be a family.  There are never too many people to love your children!"  


Open adoption brings JOY and BLESSINGS to the birth parents, the adoption parents and most importantly, to the child. Typically, when a woman faces an unplanned or crisis pregnancy she usually thinks she has two choices….abortion or being a Mom, even if she isn’t prepared.  Adoption is NOT a popular option.  Open adoption can be a loving choice.  If YOU are facing an unplanned pregnancy NONE of your choices are easy.  Adoption is a loving choice for some women.  

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