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Mission: Providing life-affirming care for those in pregnancy related crises. Our services are free of charge and are available regardless of income, race or religion.

Our Promise: To welcome life with compassionate care and hope.




Hope Clinic for Women provides a variety confidential, free services and programs to meet clients needs. Our services are by appointment only and include:

  • Free pregnancy test kits
  • Free ultrasounds (via a referral to a mobile clinic) by appointment
  • Accurate information on pregnancy options
  • Maternity and baby clothes for clients
  • Pregnancy and fetal development information
  • Prenatal and infant care education
  • Referrals to Fallbrook resources and agencies
  • Post-Abortion counseling and support


Location: 125 E Hawthorne St, Fallbrook CA 92028: 



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History of HCW

Founded in 2001 –  in a 10x10 Exam RM – Dr. Michael Forrester’s office by Amy Putnam ‘Baby’s Breath’. Moved, and changed name again to ‘Fallbrook Women’s Resource Center’ and finally ‘Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center’. Summer of 2010, the decision was made to further develop the organization and to work towards becoming a licensed primary care clinic. In 2015 we purchased a building at 125 E Hawthorne. In 2017 we began a three year capital campaign that ends in 2019 to completely remodel our building.In October 2018 we moved into our remodeled building. In July 2019 we changed the name of the organization to Hope Clinic for Women in preparation for becoming a primary care medical clinic.



Our Services

From the Heart of the Director

When moms come to us they face great challenges. Some simply know that they need to make a decision that will be best for them and for their baby. When parenting is not an option, adoption is a thoughtful choice that brings blessing to everyone involved. Open adoption gives great opportunity for the birth mother to follow the progress of the child they’ve blessed another family with. 

Here is such a story in the words of a birth mother who came to our center when she made the determination to consider adoption. She needed to know what to do next. She also wanted to make sure she did it the right way.

Twenty years old, living on my own, trying to prove to my parents and everyone else that I was independent and I was going somewhere big…soon…or maybe not. Two pink lines show up on a stick... It’s not just a country song anymore, it’s there, in real life, sitting on my bathroom counter. Here I am, pregnant, without being married, or even having the father anywhere in sight... I wanted to think of every choice I could before I admitted I couldn’t raise him. There was nothing that I could do that wouldn't hinder his or my life... I mean I was only 20 years old. I still had my whole life to live, how could I bring someone into this world, into a life, I was struggling in, let alone two of us. Well, that left me with the choice I came to... Adoption.

So there I was in a little coffee shop in Fallbrook with my mom and my grandparents, calling and calling all these different pregnancy resource centers that were leading no where. Then, finally, my grandma found the Pregnancy Resource Center in Fallbrook.  So off my mom and I go. That's where I found out about Sarah and about Open Adoption. Something that has absolutely changed my life in the most spectacular way. The lady showed me Sarah's video of tons of mom's and families actually living in San Diego, and talking, hanging out, and going places together... even when the baby was older... That’s when I knew exactly what I wanted. I called Sarah immediately after leaving and met with her the next day. After our first meeting I automatically felt about 1000 pounds of stress lifted off of me. So the process started, she over-nighted me a stack of letters, all of parents that were looking to adopt a baby, and their own special story. So I read, and read, and read about each family, their troubles with infertility, how they met, what their lifestyle was like and, true to form, a letter just popped out… I wasn’t sure yet that they were the ones I wanted till I met them. This family was the family I wanted to take care of this little man growing inside of me that I already loved so much. There were no more questions in my mind. I grew closer and closer with this family that became my family. Most people that are outside lookers always think that it’s this awful experience at the hospital but it was the most loving time I could imagine. I had my friends and family supporting me the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, its still hard some days, seeing everyone around you start having kids and watching them grow, but, also you know you have given a great life to your child, who you still get to have in your life and a total new family that loves you as much as your own.

From Christy, adopting mom:  "When a woman places a child into another woman's arms and says, "Please be my child's mother." there is such a whirlwind of emotions.   I felt love, gratitude, humility and amazement for our son's birth mom and her courageous choice.  But actually, the more we get to know her, the more time we spend together, I continue to be more amazed and grateful for her strength, her wisdom and her love for our whole family.  The true amazement comes with how easy it is to all be a family.  There are never too many people to love your children!"  

Open adoption brings JOY and BLESSINGS to the birth parents, the adoption parents and most importantly, to the child. Typically, when a woman faces an unplanned or crisis pregnancy she usually thinks she has two choices….abortion or being a Mom, even if she isn’t prepared.  Adoption is NOT a popular option.  Open adoption can be a loving choice.  If  YOU are facing an unplanned pregnancy NONE of your choices are easy.  Adoption is a loving choice for some women.  

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