A Home on Hawthorne - Capital Campaign

A Fundamental Calling for Our Times

Creating loving personal relationships and wholeness where there is brokenness is a fundamental calling and task of the Church of Jesus Christ. As a missional arm of the local church, FPRC is a conduit for mentoring, volunteer service and resource donations to women and children who may never enter the door of a church. With more than 4,000 abortions performed in the United States each day, one third of our younger generation is missing. We believe there is a better way for the young women in Fallbrook to face unplanned pregnancy. Over one-fourth of the abortions in the U.S. are performed on women under 20 years of ages (Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change). FPRC sees this as a prescription for disaster for moms, their children and for our community. As society falls deeper into a loss of respect for life, FPRC is committed through Christian advocacy to change the hearts and lives of moms feeling inadequate to carry their babies to birth.


A Home on Hawthorne


Why move? 


At our temporary location at 221 N Pico Ave (LifePointe Fallbrook) FPRC has approximately 150 client visits women each month. The women, most often with babies and small children, meet for one hour weekly, by-weekly or monthly with the advocates in a few small rooms. With increased numbers participating in our current pregnancy care programming we need up to 4,500 square feet. This will provide more room for inventory and our boutique and much need office space for staff and volunteers. We anticipate a 25% increase in the number of clients alone with the opening of our medical clinic.


Why now?


in 2015 with direction from the FPRC board we signed the offer of $640,000 to purchase our future "Home on Hawthorne". The property (121-129 E Hawthorne) also includes an adjacent building of 500 square feet and street parking for up to 20 cars. Once remodeled this purchase will allow FPRC to have a permanent home with room to grow in the future if and when needed.

  • A strategic location. 121-129 E Hawthorne is a familiar location for our clients being just down the street from where we were before construction began. It will continue to provide the same privacy we have always offered.
  • Expanded opportunity to serve. Additional square footage will allow more room for growing the number of women in our current programs while making room for new programs in development. Increased efficiency. Our current facility is overcrowded for both our women and volunteers. 
  • Reduced operational costs from dual locations as we were before purchase. Purchasing the building will also provide a secure future.

What is the next step?

In 2016 FPRC’s board created a 3-year $828,000 fundraising campaign to renovate 125 E Hawthorne St to expand our programs. We realized it was a God-size goal and that accomplishing this ambitious task would require significant community leadership and the dedication of local charitable funds for this purpose. We welcome visits anytime at our current facility and are happy to arrange a visit at the facility just down the street on E Hawthorne.

Campaign Update - June 2018

To date we have raised $650,000 toward our goal. As we are in the last year of our campaign, it is our desire to "Go Over the Top" completing the campaign, remodeling the building and moving into the future God has for us their; including opening a free primary care medical clinic. You can help us accomplish this by:

  • Making a cash donation
  • Pledging a donation to be completed in 2018
  • Providing a stock gift
  • Offering matching funds that encourage others to give.
  • Providing ongoing monthly support that allows a healthy cash flow for day to day operations during the campaign

Would you be willing to take the next step with us?

For more information please contact Carolyn Koole at 760.728.4105 (work) or carolyn@fallbrookprc.com (email).

Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center is closed from October 1-23, 2018 as they relocate to a new location:

125 E Hawthorne St, Fallbrook CA 92028; Mail: PO Box 1588, Fallbrook CA 92088-1588

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